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The globalization brings new demands
Competitiveness in the business world means that companies have to manage their investments efficiently and granted the continuity of its operations. The correct management and transfer of risks to Insurance Companies safeguards these principles of management and a lower capital requirement.

On the other hand, the globalization of economic activity brings new demands. João Mata, Lda. has presence in 105 countries through own offices and the Assurex network, what allows to draw effective solutions in Portugal to risks in the country or in other geographies where our customers operate and follow it on all the circumstances.
Mindful of continuous technological evolution.
Our engineers are available to offer our customers the solutions to help them manage the risks inherent in renewable energy activities, so that, they can be easier to identify, quantify and mitigate.

We are attentive to the continuous technological evolution (design and development of new equipment and materials) and geographic implantation to develop solutions adequate to the mitigation of new risks in the various stages of the process, such as, Construction, Storage, Transport, Assembly and Explotation. Evaluating these risks in a mitigation perspective through the transfer to the insurance market, we make the framework in the various branches of insurance according to the phases of the project and the entry into operation
We have the technological support and the knowledge.
We are a reference in the services we provide to the Public Administration. We have a team of experts with extensive experience in the identification of risks, the preparation of specifications for the correct transfer to the insurers and in the monitoring and management of claims and the design and implementation of corrective measures.

We have the technological support and the necessary knowledge to comply with all the requirements of public tenders through electronic platforms.
Unique and innovative solutions
We have unique and innovative solutions for the safety of family assets and their well-being.
We have a team of financial advisors to help you find the best solutions for savings and investment plans.
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João Mata, Lda is one of the leading insurance brokers in Portugal. Throughout more than 40 years of experience we have achieved a high prestige, of which we are very proud.
Present on 5 continents.
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